New Year’s Realisations

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Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? The two of us seem to have let go of this tradition, mainly because we’ve come to realise that if something’s worth changing, it’s worth changing now … whenever now is. Significant changes can be justifiably classed as resolutions, but what do we call a progression of minor tweaks, adaptations and almost imperceptible shifts? They can amount to something really special, but on an individual basis, they’d likely remain nameless.

It seems that human beings really do enjoy the ‘comfort’ of labels and categories, or at least it makes our logic-seeking minds happy. We, Graham and Annette, have noticed our own and others’ unease when the realisation dawns that a category cannot easily be applied to our way of eating. Whilst some labels come close, they’re never a perfect fit.

But there’s an upside to this: freedom. Freedom to evolve. Freedom to keep making little changes that align with where we are, what we need and what we need to let go of or reduce. In terms of our food, which is constantly evolving little by little, we find we’re currently enjoying a fusion of raw and cooked foods which is probably unsurprising given the weather. The ‘fusion’ isn’t simply a case of having raw and cooked food on the same plate, although that frequently is the case, it’s also about drawing on the ‘wholefood’ principles that are emphasised in raw cuisine so that recipes don’t include artificial colourings, flavourings, bulking agents, raising agents, fillers etc. This and other tweaks to the way we eat are keeping us engaged and excited by the meals we prepare for ourselves.

Of course, it’s all well and good to recommend that we all “align with where we are and what we need”, but how does that process even start?! The answer has something to do with becoming aware, aware of why we do the things we do, especially those that we might be better off doing differently. This factor alone provides much of the motivation for our first talk of the year. It’s The Food Story ~ Where it Went Wrong. One of our fascinations over recent years has been the big food and health challenge that seems to be so prevalent in western societies. We sincerely hope that this talk will pique curiosity, inform and inspire some changes if they are desired.

The Food Story

Monday 21st January at 10.30 – 11.30

Friargate Meeting House – The Lonsdale Room

Ticket Price £8.00 (pre-payment required)

We’d be delighted to play a part in some of your new year realisations. This and our other talks are listed here, and on our calendar where we’ve also suggested dates for some of our one-to-one classes. Happy New Year!