The Food Story

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Monday January 21stThe Food StoryWhere It Went Wrong 

This one hour talk will  be held at the Friargate Meeting House on Friargate, near Cliffords Tower, in York at 10.30 in the Lonsdale Room


We know that the modern Western diet falls short in keeping us healthy, but do we really know why this is?  With a little more insight into what is shaping the way we eat, we are better placed to make changes that can have a profound and positive impact on our lives, and we will look at some of the opportunities available for choosing foods that are better suited to us.

This talk will reveal:

      • The historic reasons for the move away from foods that we traditionally ate
      • The opportunism of the food industry in enticing us to eat processed and refined foods
      • What lies behind, and drives our love affair with modern foodstuffs
      • What we can do to reverse this trend
    • The positive impacts this can have on our lives

This is a one hour talk by Annette & Graham Henry aka Henry & Henry, who are living proof of the benefits of taking these life-changing decisions and acting on them.