Who We Are

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Henry & Henry are Annette and Graham Henry. We have a shared passion for promoting natural health and we do this primarily through talks and classes, both small and large-scale. In essence we seek to bring balance where it is needed. We have each done this in our personal lives and both of us have resolved health conditions. Whilst food is central to what we talk about, there are always other factors to consider in restoring balance and we acknowledge, for example, the often significant role of the mind in health and wellness. The health and happiness of an individual is a constantly evolving and, we believe, worthwhile endeavour for each of us and it is our privilege to play a role in inspiring others to take new steps towards this in their own lives. We know too that happier, healthier individuals have a potently positive effect on those around them and when this is multiplied entire communities have a better chance of living and working more harmoniously.