Winter Warmers

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We’ve lost count of the times we’ve been asked about the challenge of eating raw food in the winter, and it’s hardly surprising; raw food is invariably thought of as cold and potentially even cooling on the body which is great in the summer, but much less appealing in the winter. This lunch class will set out to present dishes that are not served cold, but are still considered raw. We also use spices, and not just chilli, to give warmth to dishes, and this lunch class is a very good opportunity to showcase some real comfort foods that work in any season, but especially in the winter.

This class can be booked by private arrangement for between one and four participants, or by booking on a class advertised on our calendar. The cost of the class is £15 per person  and the duration is 90 minutes; starting at 12.00 and finishing at around 1.30. This is longer than a typical lunch, but we value a non-hurried approach to meals and want to allow time for questions and discussion.

As always, our food contains no gluten, no dairy and no other animal products, but please do let us know of any other food allergy or intolerance which may need to be considered.

Please contact us to book this class. Payment can be made at any time up to one week before the class and this will ensure your booking is confirmed. The payment is non-refundable if cancellation falls within one full week of the date of the class. (Earlier cancellations can be refunded or the date can be rearranged if this is more appropriate).

Payment options are as follows:

For direct bank transfers our details are as follows:

Acc name: Derwenthorpe Wellgood

Number: 25298651

Sort Code: 05-09-94

Payments by cheque can be made payable to Derwenthorpe Wellgood, and sent to our address which will be provided on request.

Payment can also be made directly from this page:

If you are booking with us, we will want to have contact with you to ensure that you have as much information as you need, and so that we can confirm that any booking payment made by you has been received. You can contact either of us by whichever means suits you best, or you can send an email to: